Come on baby, be with me so happily

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"sarry/harlena" by holyshire. do not remove credit.

       - check out my sarry fic here.

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Did you know that selenas new movie, Behaving Badly is on youtube? I was looking for the trailer and saw it under some weird russian looking name, the full movie is there.

I didn’t know that! I’d found a download somewhere awhile back, but hopefully that stream stays up and it doesn’t get taken down. :) it’s a really fun movie, so if anyone gets the chance they should definitely watch it!

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maybe i think you’re cute and funny maybe i wanna do what bunnies do with you

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x | x

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One Year Of Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance Album – 23rd July 2013

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Harry is gay 😂😂😂

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Selena Gomez + fans

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